How maney types of barcode labels are there

As we all Are ware a label/sticker is used for pasting on products, packing’s, caution signs etc., Prime idea of labelling is to calculate/ understand what is the content in the packing ie; Manufacturer name, Marketed by companies name, Item code, ingredients, mfg date, Sl no. Batch code, Lot no, Quantity, Weight, expiry date, mfr location code. Labels comes in different shapes, types, sizes, qualities, packing’s (Roll form/ Fan Fold).

we have 14 barcode label available all time

  • Normal Chromo Labels Manufacture Size: 4 X 6
  • Direct Thermal Self Adhesive Shipping Labels,Size: 100 Mm X 150
  • product label ,Transparent Label, Size: 38x38mm, Packaging
  • Jewellery Tags/Labels Manufacture
  • Wrist Band Labels Manufacture
  • Pre-printed Labels Manufacture
  • Mirror Coat Labels Manufacture
  • Top Coated Labels Manufacture
  • Polyester Labels Manufacture
  • Vinyl Labels Manufacture
  • Polyester Label Manufacture
  • Hologram Label Manufacture
  • Product Label Manufacture
  • Jewellery Tag Manufacture

Barcode Label 4000 pcs 38x25 mm, Barcode Label 4000 pcs 40x25 mm, Barcode Sticker/Label, Size : 50mmx25mm, Barcode Labels, Size 100mm X 150mm X 1, M46, Plain White Thermal Barcode Label, Size: 58 Mm X 38 Mm, labels 50 mm X 25 mm, Thermal Transfer Barcode, labels 40 mm X 40 mm, Direct Thermal Barcode , - Labels 50 X 25 mm, Thermal Transfer Barcode , -50 mm x 50 mm direct thermal barcode labels, paper white , -800 labels roll 40x30 water scrape,